I just finished moving and settling myself into my new dormitory for the duration of my stay at RSAD as a precollege TA, so now I have a chance to post my faerie tale/fables series I did for my thesis.

Rip Van Winkle

The JUniper Tree

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

The Boy Who Cried Wolf


Bags said...

Thanks for dropping aline man And CONGRADS DUDE! Welcome to the real world. Your paintings came out pretty cool, did you get to make t-shirts and books for your show?

Anonymous said...

These turned out great, my friend! You do any adjustments in Photoshop, or paint more? Very nice! Good luck to you, Miguel.

miguel lantigua said...

bags - I decided to wait until i came back from france with some sketches so i could add to the book, those along with my thesis will go into the book.

sean - yes, most of these were done traditionally then adjusted or "pimped" out a bit in photoshop.

verdadverde said...

very nice!.. i'm specially drawn to the Ali Baba piece...very good use of value