Horrible tooth ache
Monster inside my molars
The king of teeth rises
To his wet throne of tongue

All girls secretly like to be tickled.


Still kickin'.
Got back from NYC Comicon, I had a blast! I got to see and meet alot of cool people, I even had the luck of running into people I havent seen in years! My good friends Fabiola and Sam from Puerto Rico were attending the event, sadly only for one day.
First day at the con Mclean Kendree, Erik Jones and I went to the James Jean show, it was awe-inspiring, we were all flabbergasted and a little bit frustrated at how good his work, in the flesh and paint, really is. I felt very lucky to see it.

Ill post more work soon, finished moving into a new place in St Pete...AGAIN...this house hopping is starting to get old...


I added my Cheech and Chong painting along with the last few skateboards on my Etsy shop
Etsy is a great site, I know plenty of awesome artists whove joined this community!
Check my shop out, Im also selling prints!


Here are some random sketchbook pages. Over the past 5 months Ive been working on and off three different books, a moleskin, a squared one and a travel sized journal, just to experiment and not feel so constricted as to whether or not this page was good or not. I ended up with alot of bad drawings, but they were very tellling forays of experimentation, expressiveness and fun, which we sometimes forget its all about. Maybe someday Ill post those, but for now, here are my favorite gems out of the few lately.

More soon ;-)


The economy sucks!
I had to move from my previous place because the house got foreclosed. We were renting but it was a horrible feeling being displaced and forced out of your living situation due to the will of a seemingly powerful few. My heart goes out to the millions of floridians who've been through this. Been working on some secret personal projects, as well as some stuff to take to NYC Comicon.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple recent pieces of artwork that Ive finished since the move...and I promised my self not to make more monkey decks....hahaha...maybe next year I wont.


Here are some character illustrations of a project im (eventually) going to put up on a blog. a weekly strip about two sasquatches living in today's society which has cast them out with indifference. Im hoping to put these two into some pretty fun situations.


Im working on some freelance and commission work, as well as other personal projects. I havent painted on the tablet for awhile and I made these monkey faces to test out some coloring methods, Im planning on releasing a new blog whihc ill update weekly, with a special new project.

In the mean time here are some more monkeys, I thought I would be done drawing them but they manage to take over my hand again.

this guy kinda looks like murdoc from gorillaz,