Hey everybody, while thinking of more self-promo schemes I decided to make a playful one, I've posted 9 Glue stickers on the outside of 9 different buildings on campus. Some are more cleverly hidden than others so be creative. Those who send me an email with all 9 locations will get a free print of their choosing, so keep your Glue's Clues to yourself, no need for cheating.

Also I am currently selling any and all prints of my work, they are all printed 13x19 on premium matte paper full bleed. simply email which, they all run for a mere $10.

Also for all you sticker junkies...
So help a starving artist and purchase some prints...on organic matte paper.

Stickers $2 each...more styles Coming Soon!

Stay tuned, for more Glue-Goodies!


Cateris said...

I want the glue bottle one.

And Illest is coming next fall. :)

IrisOn said...

I like glue... it sticks to my dick

Carlos V. said...

Yo dude how ya been? How was the illustration show?? I hope all is well with ya. I wanna see the thesis dude. We'll whats the plan after graduation?? Anyways keep on that grind and drop me a line whenever.