Ive decided enough is enough and to post some more sketchbook pages,
I think everyone of us needs an Erin McGuire to keep our blogs updated

Ill scan more later this week.

Till then.


Francis Vallejo said...

miguel these are great man!! that farrah faucet one made my weekend, you need to do an all-out ill of that.. haha

Duncan Barton said...

looking great miguel, I always liked what i've seen of your sketchbooks.

Le Samouraï said...

hey man i saw your work at the CANVAS show

really great stuff

especially dig the luchador illustrations you have

if you get a chance, check out our blog: http://blog.calaveracomics.com

btw, do you use a moleskin?

- Mark

Emily Gross said...

Yay for sketches! These rock miguel. I agree, you should illustrate the Farrah Faucet one.

IrisOn said...

nice stuff, lets see some finnished work (im one to talk)

Nila Curry said...

Ur simply jawesome!