Still kickin'.
Got back from NYC Comicon, I had a blast! I got to see and meet alot of cool people, I even had the luck of running into people I havent seen in years! My good friends Fabiola and Sam from Puerto Rico were attending the event, sadly only for one day.
First day at the con Mclean Kendree, Erik Jones and I went to the James Jean show, it was awe-inspiring, we were all flabbergasted and a little bit frustrated at how good his work, in the flesh and paint, really is. I felt very lucky to see it.

Ill post more work soon, finished moving into a new place in St Pete...AGAIN...this house hopping is starting to get old...


breanne! said...

moving, no!!! did you get my address list...?
you should put your forwarding address in with the postal system so you dont miss out on your mail art, i've already gotten a few things in the mail so people are really doing things this time around!

hope you're good... lets run into each other sometime on purpose...?

Anonymous said...

This looks like it's going to be gorgeous... can't wait to see finished product

Dave Larson said...

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