Here are some random sketchbook pages. Over the past 5 months Ive been working on and off three different books, a moleskin, a squared one and a travel sized journal, just to experiment and not feel so constricted as to whether or not this page was good or not. I ended up with alot of bad drawings, but they were very tellling forays of experimentation, expressiveness and fun, which we sometimes forget its all about. Maybe someday Ill post those, but for now, here are my favorite gems out of the few lately.

More soon ;-)

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Pop-Monkey said...

Whee! Fun stuff, Miggy.
I can't handle them tiny "travel-sized" sketchbooks, moleskines, whatever. Makes me feel too cramped and restricted to get any flow going. I have a couple, but I mainly use them for taking notes, or doodling very rough layouts and character designs that I then blow up and work on at "man-size".

Post more often, you creep!