The economy sucks!
I had to move from my previous place because the house got foreclosed. We were renting but it was a horrible feeling being displaced and forced out of your living situation due to the will of a seemingly powerful few. My heart goes out to the millions of floridians who've been through this. Been working on some secret personal projects, as well as some stuff to take to NYC Comicon.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple recent pieces of artwork that Ive finished since the move...and I promised my self not to make more monkey decks....hahaha...maybe next year I wont.


mclean said...

That 2nd one man, nice! SEKRET PROJEKTZ???

luis espinosa said...

awesome man!!!! cheech and chong piece came out really nice man... BONG!.. man.. that piece is soo bomb.. Iran can't have it..hahaha. .well done my friend..well done