Great words scrawled (not by me) on my floor.
Ive been shurning out those creative juices, with music as well as art; for awhile drawing and painting was taking a backseat. Recently I was invited to be part of a skate show in St Pete in which all the artists worked on skate decks. I loved working on this format.

My new workplace I recently assembled in the garage, works great! Setting up for silkscreening some shirts. Never done it but I collected notes off of various friends on the subject, so I might have shirts soon. I am also going to be working with the great people at Creative Arts INC on a mural piece at All Childrens Hospital. Im stoked I get to do something like that.

Here are the decks I painted

"El Muerto" oil

"Los Panas" mixed media

"El Anarquista" Oil

The show will be tonite at the skate shop across the street from Sbux, sandwiched between a hungry howies and a tat shop on Central & 66th St. in St Pete. 7pm-?

Im done with monkeys for now...I cant bear to draw another one. TVs are my next serial obssesion....


Emily Dove Gross said...

so cooool
If I could skateboard, I'd get that middle one.
Hope you're doin good Miguel! I'll call ya sometime!

Erik said...

Awesome stuff. Miguel.