Hey everybody!

Getting this blog thing started...finally. I've been very busy lately with personal projects, school, and life issues. My domain name got lost in this overly dramatic and tedious scandal so i had to recreate my site again, with a new domain name.

I also had to recreate my a lot of my porfolio and I'm very happy with the new direction my work is taking. Heres a retrospect of the past semester's best.

"aquaphobia" 14x14 acrylic on board

"luckiest kid in the world" ink and PS7

"ultimatum" 16x20 acrylic on board

sketchbook page

"love & wrestling" digital

"life of pi" digital


Kyler Dannels said...

That drawing with the wrestler student is beautiful. And I don't call drawings beautiful lightly, for real. You know how I feel about the rest, you pimp mutha fucka, glad to see you posting on this thing

Anonymous said...

love this tiger and boy in boat and the elegance of expression. nice color scheme, awesome artwork!

MBKKR said...

Great work.
Like the dark feel like 'ultimatum' has. Nice use of color.

verdadverde said...


Alberto CerriteƱo said...

I love it Miguel! This is a fantastic piece. I just discovered your work cause you send a link to Curiosuty Group, the place where I work. And I think your work is really good!